Watch Tupac Slam Donald Trump In Rare 1992 Interview

Donald Trump’s pretty used to high-profile criticism by now. Adele’s banned him from using her songs at rallies and Keith Richards once pulled a knife on him. But even he wouldn’t expect abuse from beyond the grave. Yup, it turns out even long-dead rapper Tupac Shakur isn’t a fan.

“If you want to be successful, if you want to be like Trump,” he says, namechecking the presidential hopeful in a recently unearthed MTV interview from 1992. “Gimme, gimme, gimme. Push, push, push, push. Step, step, step. Crush, crush, crush. That’s how it all is, it’s like nobody ever stops.”

It’s all part of an angry four minute speech, recorded four years prior to Shakur’s death in a drive-by shooting. In it, he rails against wealth, greed and celebrity indulgence. “There’s no way these people [celebrities] should own planes and there’s people who don’t have houses, apartments, shacks, drawers, pants.”


Trump wasn’t the only famous person to get it in the neck. Tupac also called out the subsequently deceased Michael Jackson too. “Can you imagine someone has $32 million and this person has nothing?” he asks. “And you can sleep?”

‘But what about you Mr 2Pac?’ you might be thinking. Surely the most heralded rap artist of all time didn’t do too badly in the cash department? Well, we hear you. But Shakur’s got an answer for that too.

“Even if you earned it, then you still owe,” he declares. “Look at me, I don’t have that mega-money! But I feel guilty walking by somebody. I’ve got to give them some mail!”

Yes, the view is quite peachy from Lord Tupac’s high horse. “If I have three thousand dollars in my pocket, I feel like it’s wrong to give that person a quarter or a dollar,” he adds.

What do you think? Is it pretty easy to demand change from your comfy private studio? Or does the late star have a point? Watch the full video below.