Watch Underworld Explain How They Created Their ‘Very Vocal’ New Album ‘Barbara Barbara…’

British electro duo Underworld have just released their seventh studio album, ‘Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future’, an intermittently tough and dreamy record. Here they explain the process behind the album, from their working relationship to the spontaneity involved in producing their new music.

Underworld’s Rick Smith explains, “When you’ve got two people who want to make something work there’s a world of difference beyond perhaps what they understood… Fundamentally that was a big thing that was different for us – then you can talk about the game of it.”


They also discuss the lyrics on the new album, by Karl Hyde. Rick explains how they navigated the need to alter music to suit lyrics and vice versa: “There are pieces there like ‘I Exhale’ that are flows where it was extremely difficult to try and interrupt that flow. Because it just felt so unnatural, and it was an interesting challenge… if you really feel you need to disrupt this because of a musical idea, how are you going to do this?” The result, he says, is “a very vocal album”. See them talk it over