Wax Stag Turns Over A New Leith – Free MP3

I missed Wax Stag‘s kaleidoscopic album when it appeared last year, but after stumbling across some lovely animated videos I tracked him down.

Wax Stag

Rob Lee, who has played a variety of instruments with Friendly Fires and Chris Clark, told me about a tranquil little song called Leith. “It was written in between visits to Leith, a district of Edinburgh, in the summer of 2007. I spent many happy weekends there -it’s a beautiful place; the air is really fresh, and the light there has a feel to it that’s all its own.”

“I was inspired to write it after hearing White Diamond by Hatchback, which everyone should listen to. I don’t often hear a track by someone else and think, ‘hey! I want to do something a little bit like that’, but with White Diamond, I did. It’s an incredible piece of music.”

Download Wax Stag’s Leith here.

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