‘We Might Start A Super-Group’ – Golden Silvers’ Tour Diary

Manchester, September 28

Drowned by the stench of the Travelodge this morning but it’s OK – we are moving on. We have reached the first day off on the tour and we’re heading up to York. Show in Manchester went well. We talked to the NME about the birth of a super group which will include all the bands on this tour. Possible name: The Purple People?

While in the van on the way to the show we contemplated trying a cover of Kanye West’s ‘Paranoid’. We’ll try it out in sound check in York.

After the show we headed to a club with Marina’s diamonds and it was all good times. They played ‘True Romance’ on the dance floor which made me feel a combination of pride and awkwardness. The others seemed happy to get down though.
In the morning I went to get some breakfast from Night And Day cafe and bought some CDs from Piccadilly Records. Anyway, on to York…

The Bronze Box
Kanye West – ‘808s And Heartbreak’
Your Twenties – ‘Caught Wheel’
Micachu – ‘Jewelry’
Ludacris – ‘What’s Your Fantasy’

York, September 30

“Out of one Travelodge and into another one an hour and a half later,” said Ben as we arrived in York. Sometimes this feels like the reality behind the myth of a touring band. But we ended up spending our time well on our day off.

We discovered the wonders of Arthur Russell on the way in the van and when we arrived we started work on some harmonies for a new song called ‘Oh Juliette’ which we were thinking of trying out with the other bands. We eventually found a pub down a haunted allyway which had a piano in it and we had a singalong till closing time. Singalong songs included:

Rolling Stones – ‘No Expectations’
David Bowie – ‘Changes’
Bob Dylan – ‘To Ramona’
Prince – ‘Purple Rain’

On the day of the show we went to a matinee showing of ‘A Five Star Werewolf’, which is a play written by my flatmate Gabriel which was on at the York theatre Royal, had a good soundtrack – the play opens with Warren G ‘Regulate’.

Last time we played in York early last year there were about five people in attendance at our show so it was nice to see a healthier looking crowd with the five from last time up at the front!

Show went well and we finished the night with a rendition of Bob Dylan’s ‘A-Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall’ in the dressing room. Then up early for the long drive to Glasgow. We are playing a few intimate instore gigs at Oxfam shops in Newcastle, Liverpool, Bristol and Coventry which we have invited Local Natives along to, so fingers crossed they can do it and some of you can come down.

The Bronze Box
Arthur Russell – ‘The World of Arthur Russell’
J Dilla – ‘Ruff Draft’
Animal Collective – ‘Sung Tongs’