Wear dazzling prints like Years & Years’ Olly Alexander

In Partnership With Snap Fashion

Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander always looks amazing. But he looks double amazing when he’s wearing a dazzling print, like the one above. Stealing Olly’s style has now never been easier, thanks to the Snap Fashion app, which lets you search all your fave high street stores and online brands by colour, style and price.

Download the app here to give it a whirl, but before you do that, check out the patterned pieces we found using it below. Olly, if you’re reading this, you can ditch the stylist and just yourself this app.

ASOS at Snap Fashion £28



This flower web designs mixes floral sass with geometrical wizardry to create something that’s as intricate as anything, but still super wearable. We like. A lot.

Jaded London at ASOS at Snap Fashion £36


Fall into the kaleidoscope with this statement tee. It’s bold, it’s sassy, it’s certainly going to get you noticed. Wear it if you dare.

Boohoo at Snap Fashion £16


A desert camo bomber – perfect for hiding out when you’re making sandcastles on the beach but don’t want to drawn attention to yourself.

Pretty Green at ASOS at Snap Fashion



We’re not quite sure if this paisley camo would pass muster in a warfare situation, but it’s from Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green label, so it’s definitely a quality number.

Topman at Snap Fashion £18


Fancy a dragon battle taking place across your chest but without any of the inevitable scarring such a situation would cause? Then just get this tee instead. Simple.

Valentino at Matches at Snap Fashion £1390


Break open the piggy bank. It’s time. This slinky patterned jacket is worth splashing your life savings on. Who needs a deposit for a house when you’ve got this on your back.