Welcome To Notes From The Underground

Hello, and welcome to the first instalment of Notes From The Underground, the most reliable – and, yes, best – place to find out about the noisiest and most exciting music on the planet.

So d’you want to be eased in? Sorry, not going to happen. The first band you should be pointing your internet at is The Steal from Kingston, a ludicrously talented old school outfit with their collective hearts located firmly in late-‘90s Philadelphia – when the mighty Kid Dynamite were at their peak.

The Steal punk rock houseparty
(Photo courtesy of Joe from Attack! Vipers!)

How much fun does that look?! You might find their relentless positivity up your street – their shows are less displays of prowess and more gigantic all-inclusive love-ins – or maybe it’s the none-more-catchy riffage and gigantic gang vocals that sound like all your friends are shouting in perfect unison. Whatever, as the video below shows, they’re one of the most fun and entertaining bands since KD died.

‘Bright Grey’, their second album, received a well-deserved 8/10 a couple of months ago, and their tours are sporadic at best. But pick up their record from Banquet Records and your life will be significantly better.