Weller And Wiggins – The Mod Couple

It was a meeting of the mega-mods when Bradley Wiggins, the coolest thing on two wheels, met Paul Weller at a Stone Roses concert in London. As you can see from their warm embrace, there’s a lot of mutual respect between the two: Wiggins says he listens to The Jam before races, and Weller Tweeted congratulations when Wiggins picked up his Olympic gold medal.

However, Wiggins remembers their first meeting, in 2008, being frosty: “He was just as nervous and aloof with me as I was with him,” the Tour De France winner told Cycle Sport magazine. “He knew who I was but it was all a bit odd.” It looks like the pair have warmed to each other a bit since then.

A moment’s silent awe, please, for two absolute legends.