‘We’re Having The Best Times Of Our Lives’ – Local Natives’ Tour Diary


I can’t decide if the past 48 hours have felt like a week or 10 minutes. But I can tell you that however long it’s been, we’ve managed to have some of the best times of our lives. I really meant to capture more of our exploits on camera but truthfully I got a little too caught up in the madness to do so.

After the show in Manchester, we woke up at 3am to catch a flight to Dublin. Have any of you flown Ryan Air? The 6-year-old version of myself would’ve been stoked out of his brain to fly an airline with his name on it. But I’m not 6 anymore and Ryan Air is the airline where a triumphant horn sounds upon landing while a voice says, “Congratulations, you’ve landed on time!” – which basically comes off like “Congratulations, you’re alive!”

I’m well aware that Dublin isn’t part of the Radar tour, but it’s because we’re on this amazing tour that we’ve had the opportunity to go there. Plus, we had an incredible time so I hope you’ll forgive this detour in our story.

From the moment we landed Ireland had our hearts in her seductive, Guinness-y hands. The cab drivers told us dirty jokes about mice and elephants (see below) or that they’d seen Bono sing in “fookin tiny pubs” among other friendly conversations that made me realize I’d never spoken to someone with a proper Irish accent. It truly is the best accent. We dropped our stuff off at the Marlborough Hostel (yet more insanely nice people) and went next door to have a full Irish breakfast including black and white pudding (!).

After that we did a few interviews with some well researched press who shocked us with the knowledge that people over there had been enjoying our music. Maybe that night’s show wouldn’t be empty? Fingers crossed.

Next stop was Phantom 105.2, an indie station that’s been very kind to us, playing some of our songs and promoting the show. Quick interview with beautiful Miss Fiona and back to the hostel for a quick nap.
The Academy 2 is basically a basement, holds maybe 150 tops. But what a basement it is. The people there treated us amazingly well and in yet another display of extreme kindness the band before us, Funeral Suits, lent us all their amps and drums.

It turns out, it’s a million times cheaper to buy a plane ticket for your guitar than to check it (watching three seat belted guitars launch from their seats during landing was awesome.) It was our only headlining show of the tour and the incredible turnout surprised us all. Great show all around.

Afterwards, at the recommendation of the locals, we sought out the best pint of Guinness in town. Apparently it was freshers’ week because while we walked to Whelan’s, parades of scantily-clad girls in schoolgirl outfits passed by us on every street. Ended up staying longer and drinking more pints than we should have, especially with another 3am wake-up call, but we had an incredible night and made lots of new friends.

Upon landing back in Manchester, we piled in the van for one of those drives where you’re head keeps rocking forward as you pass out over and over. Really gotta thank Mark for soldiering through and driving our tired carcasses to York.

Everything in York is epic and ancient looking. Medieval churches seemingly on every corner and I couldn’t help but picture Mel Gibson battling the English on some of the stone walls. Even the venue had a castle like quality to it. Even though we’d only been away from each other for one day, all the bands seemed genuinely joyous to reunite. Made me realize how quickly everyone has become pals. All the bands played great and Golden Silvers are playing this new song that I can’t get out of my head.

It’s become this subconscious goal of ours to play our music in just about every random nook and cranny of the world. Manchester found us playing an acoustic version of ‘Camera Talk’ in the shaky lift of the Academy 3… I was immediately reminded of the lift at our practice studio back in Los Angeles and realized that I am far from homesick. Of course I love home and I miss the people there, but I’m finding my self completely wide-eyed at each and every stop of this overseas stint. I’m still trying to wrap my California-bred mind around the fact that a majority of these cities and the buildings within them are older than our entire country.

Manchester was a blur of gorgeous countryside, dogs on bars, tapas (a refreshing departure from my usual Tesco chicken & stuffing sandwich), press upon press and some quality time with the legend that is Joe Etchells. With a very responsive crowd, this show was by far the best yet. So thank you to all those Manchesterians that made us feel oh-so welcomed. Unfortunately I’ve already found myself back at our Travelodge calling it an early night due to our 4am lobby call and 9am flight to Dublin. Next time Manchester… I promise you more quality time.