24 British Rock Landmarks Every Music Fan Should Visit

Every worryingly dedicated music obsessive has made at least one rock’n’roll pilgrimage, even if it’s only been to the offie to score a miniature Jack Daniels in homage to Lemmy’s addled liver. On a typically drizzly Mancunian morning, I visited the uber-iconic Salford Lad’s Club, as featured in that band photo on inner sleeve of The Smiths’ classic ‘The Queen Is Dead’.

Leslie Holmes, who works at the club, told us that he chats to at least 30 Smiths-obsessed visitors a week – “but I probably miss about 100”. When he spots fans posing for pictures, he takes them inside to the Smiths room, an old boxing gym, heavy with history and lined with tribute snapshots and memorabilia. Even rock stars have made their own rock star pilgrimage here, as proven by photos of Ryan Adams, Gaslight Anthem/Horrible Crowes man Brian Fallon and the Ting Tings.

The UK is full of similar places to pay homage, so get your packed lunch and favourite Instagram filters ready for NME’s interactive map of classic and contemporary rock pilgrimage sites. Simply mouse over the icons to reveal the info. Plus, tell us your own UK rock pilgrimage site and we’ll add the best ones to the map. You can do that either by leaving a comment, or tweeting via #UKRockPilgrimage (if you can tweet a photo of yourself standing at the location, even better).