What Are The Best (And Worst) One Hit Wonders Ever?

Although the title of this blog sounds like the name of one of those Channel 5 list shows that are on around Christmas (indeed, as we type this we can feel the strawberry flavoured breath of Fearne “BRILLIANT!!!!” Cotton down our neck) it’s not.

As our gallery shows One Hit Wonders cover many musical sins. ‘Novelty’ hits from cartoon characters (The Archies), weird one-offs that have some sort of film/TV tie in (M*A*S*H, ‘Mad World’) or just popstars who never quite had the same mix of luck and radio play with their subsequent singles (Toni Basil). You can listen to some of the selections below.


Tied to the time they came out (would Aneka’s racially suspect ‘Japanese Boy’ be released now? Noooooo), they are occasionally absolutely brilliant (‘Je T’aime Moi Non Plus’, Laurie Anderson’s ‘O Superman’) and more often than not bloody awful too.

So what are the best and worst One Hit Wonders ever? Tell us below.

Gallery – The Best And Worst One Hit Wonders Ever

Listen To One Hit Wonders as a Spotify Playlist


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