What Are The Best Songs For A Miserable Rainy Morning?

I know it’s pathetic to whinge about your journey to work, but – fuck me – the weather in south-east London was apparently scripted by Roland Emmerich this morning.

Jet-black skies, horizontal rain, pavement-engulfing puddles… I haven’t been this dejected since I was forced to sit through Lenny Kravitz at V Festival.

Clearly, the only way to get through a morning like this is to pull up your hood and escape into your iPod. But what to play?

Do you go literal and pick a song about rain, say Scott Walker’s ‘It’s Raining Today’ (or Ulrich Schnauss’ version if you’re an Artrocker reader). Alternatively, Soulsavers’ impossibly gloomy ‘Kingdom Of Rain’?


Do you wallow in it, glut your misery on a big, melancholy number like ‘Everyday Is Like Sunday’? Do you focus your rage with a work of pure rancour and malevolence – something by Cradle of Filth, say, or Susan Boyle?

Or do you go the other way, banish the blues with something sunny and upbeat, like the scientifically-impossible-to-dislike new Yeasayer single?

Soggy, grumpy commuters of the world unite – post your suggestions below.