What Are The Best Songs To Listen To When You’re Depressed?

Hi, Chris from the Evening Show on NME Radio here. Every Thursday night from 7pm we make a mixtape on a theme with your help. Last week’s ‘Indie One-Hit Wonders’ mixtape looked amazing.

Kylia, thanks for suggesting Harvey Danger’s ‘Flagpole Sitta’, or the theme from Peep Show as everyone now knows it. Also great work from Stu suggesting Bis and ‘Kandy Pop’!

This week we’re indulging in the dark side. Sad songs you revel in when you’re feeling grumpy. The soundtrack to millions of neurotic teenage years. Are The Smiths the definitive miserable band? They’re definitely in my top three.


‘I Know It’s Over’ is probably the song you don’t want to listen to after a messy break up. Nine Inch Nails‘ original version of ‘Hurt’ is pretty dark but the cover by Johnny Cash is one of the most powerful songs ever. Hell Is For Heroes came in to co-host a show with me on student radio. They played it in the middle of the afternoon. It should come with a warning.

These are the songs that could depress even the most ridiculously happy of people. Children’s TV presenters. French football fans. Elmo. In fact the last of my top three is like rainfall on an abandoned puppy. At the end of the world. Or some such emo lyric.

Is anyone surprised Radiohead are in my top three? Probably not. Add your sad songs below, we’ll go though them on the show on Thursday night. Cheer up!