What Are The Ultimate Metal Club Floor-Fillers?

Howdy there. My name is Katie P, and I am the latest addition to the staff here at NME.COM. I love metal. I love riffs. And I love a good shimmy on the dance floor too.

Over the years of going to – and DJ-ing at – metal clubs around the UK, I’ve noted down the tunes that get people slamming (and often falling) across the dancefloor.

So, as a kind of getting-to-know-you type introductory blog post, I thought I’d share a few of my fail-safe floor-fillers. Which tracks make you hit the dancefloor? Post your comments below…


1. Pantera – ‘Walk’
As the name suggests, even the most rhythm-void individuals can get a good stomp-on to this chuggy classic from ‘Vulgar Display Of Power’.

2. Machine Head – ‘Davidian’
Quirky time changes and a gang singalong makes this a proper banger. “Let freedom ring with a shotgun blassssssst!”

3. Motorhead – ‘Ace Of Spades’
Even your mate who just came along for the cheap beer knows this one. One hand on the bar, one on your pint. Bang that head!

4. System Of A Down – ‘Chop Suey!’
The lords of weird at their most wonky. Don’t be fooled by the gentle guitar jangling at the start… we all know people in this place are about to lose their shit.


5. Disturbed – ‘Down With The Sickness’
Who wants to yelp like a chimp and simulate having a violent fit at the same time? Me me me!

6. Faith No More – ‘Digging The Grave’
Patton-style vocal chaos plus a chugging up-tempo beat allows for plenty of body-bumping and arm-thrashing.


7. Papa Roach – ‘Last Resort’
Oh shut up. You might roll your eyes when you read it, but admit it, who can resist the lure of the chance to scream “Cut my life into pieces” when the lyric drops in.

8. Slipknot – ‘Wait And Bleed’
Breakthrough single from the masked metallers and prompts some good circle pit prowlers. Beware of sweaty men frowning hard – they’re about to launch!

9. Drowning Pool – ‘Bodies’
Us metallers love a good counting call and response, and what better way to bond with other random rockers than shouting “nothing wrong with me!” right into their faces.

The dark history behind Drowning Pool’s ‘Bodies’

10. Snot- ‘Snot’
A lesser-known but no less danced to classic from the grossly underappreciated Californian rap metallers. “Say something for the record, tell the people what you feel. Fuck the record and fuck the people.”

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