What Cheryl Cole Needs To Know About Twitter

In case you missed it, today Cheryl Cole tweeted. Twice! She’s been lurking on Twitter since 8th March and has 204,745 (and counting) followers, but this is the first time she’s actually used her account. Previously if she had a message to pass on, it was done through her PR agency’s account.

You’re probably wondering what she wrote. Hold your breath- there are emoticons:

“It’s me CC! where my soldiers at……?!! I can’t believe what my fingers are doing but yes I’m tweeting :-s so here goes…X”

Cheryl Cole

Despite an erratic attitude to ellipses, and probably too many exclamation marks, Cheryl’s first tweet isn’t too bad. It sounds like her, isn’t a question about how to work twitter, and has an obligiatory shout-out to her fans. So far, any @ messages have been pretty positive, with a lot of support coming from her ‘soldiers’. The only snarky one so far has been from user @mattwhatsit tweeting “Hello @cherylcole, I want to be so like you. * punches toilet attendant*

So then, Chezza, we thought we’d put together a handy guide for you, to ease you into things.


Cheryl’s Celeb’s Guide to Twitter
Don’t feel obliged to RT every cause you get asked to
First of all it’s Ben who’s running a marathon in aid of leukemia research, and then it’s Jane who’s campaigning for better school lunches in Barnet and then before you know it, you’re retweeting a fundraiser for a new postbox in Berkshire. We know you’re fond of a sob story, but use your discretion.

Be clear
Never forget George Michael’s cryptic ‘Thanks Sandra’ tweet. Twitter isn’t a text message, and with over 250,000 followers, veiled tweets to mates don’t really cut it. Even with your second tweet (‘Happy birthday Cameron, you sexy beeeeyaatchh…x’) you set tongues wagging. Were you a secret Tory? Only when photos were released of you filming alongside Cameron Diaz did things make sense. Oh, and while we’re at it, lose the kisses. You’re not 14.

Have a sense of humour
There’s no better way of fostering good will than by making a joke. Look at Gwyneth Paltrow! Previously she was thought to be about as fun as a dried up carrot stick. One tweet mocking her requirements for a tutor, and another asking ‘who do I have to bang to get a copy of the new Coldplay album’ and suddenly it’s bons mots galore. Who knew Gwynno had it in her?

Cheryl Cole

Keep it real
While interaction with plebs can be annoying (how many times can you RT someone saying they adore you before you get sick in your mouth?), done correctly it can be a boon. Recently, Rihanna tweeted about ‘starving and waxing’ ahead of a photoshoot. When a user tweeted her that ‘that sounds like it sucks’, she quickly replied ‘tell me about it’. You’re forever talking about being a normal lass, so prove it.

Embrace Twitter as a vanity vehicle in the best way. It may be worth following your namesake Cher. She’s brought us all alongside as she navigates her way through photobooth on Mac (filters! Cher in Paris! Cher under the sea!), clears out her old photo collection and proves to skeptics that it is actually her. The old online mantra of ‘Pictures Or It Didn’t Happen’ is your friend – just ask Kim Kardashian.