Fans react to Liam Gallagher’s Cryptic “Back In The Ring” Tweet

Oh Liam, you are a cryptic one, aren’t you? There aren’t many rock stars who have people hanging on their every tweet like you (apart from Kanye), but somehow – even your holiday tweets can get everyone in a right tizz.

But this time it’s different. Taking to the social media platform m this afternoon, it seems that something’s afoot in Liam Gallagher‘s camp, something big, hopefully.

In his own words, Liam’s getting back in the ring. But what on earth could that mean? His fans are guessing all sorts:

An Oasis reunion?
Far-fetched, maybe, but is Liam offering an olive branch to estranged brother Noel to patch things back up? Is Noel “Rover”? Probably not, but fans are desperate to believe.

A Beady Eye reunion?
Liam’s post-Oasis venture fizzled out after a couple of albums, but fans still have a reunion high on the ‘Things We Want From Liam’ list.

Solo music?
Beady Eye was a joint venture with the rest of the Oasis lineup (Andy Bell, Gem Archer, Chris Sharrock) following Noel’s departure, but Liam could be going on his own this time, some seem to think.

A ‘Be Here Now’ Reissue
I mean, we can aim a bit higher than just a reissue, surely?

Clearly this fan wasn’t too bothered about the tweet, just wanted LG to wish The Who’s Pete Townshent, sorry, Pete Townshend, a Happy 71st Birthday.

Basically we don’t know, the fans don’t know – but damn, we’re all a bit excited.