What Do Johnny Depp, Mike Patton, Metallica’s Lars Ulrich And Nine Inch Nails Have In Common?

The Dillinger Escape Plan are perhaps the most exciting band in the world. But I think the reason they continue to blow my mind is that with every single song they’ve ever released it represents a comprehensive step forward into a world of musical ludicrousness that you simply can’t forecast. And if you think they’re ‘that band who shat onstage at Reading’ you’re missing out so much it’s like staying up all night and then closing your eyes when the sun rises. But hell, don’t take my word for it. Lars Ulrich from Metallica, what bands turn you on?

See, Lars knows.

Check out the new rehearsal footage. ‘Destro’s Secret!’ CRUCIAL.

‘Ire Works’, their last album, was mindblowing in a way I simply can’t explain. And they’re about to come back with a new record by the name of ‘Option Paralysis’ at some point soon. They posted some footage of them rehearsing in guitarist Ben Weinman’s house on YouTube, which you can see below. And Mike Patton personally invited them to play on the Faith No More headline shows in Europe, but they couldn’t make it. Gutting. To commiserate, let’s all get out ‘Irony Is A Dead Scene’, the EP they recorded with Patton as vocalist. It sounds like demons chainsawing each other for fun. In a good way.

This is them with Patton. DESTROYING THE WORLD.


Grark! Were you at the legendary performance at Reading Festival 2002 when frontman Greg Puciato shat onstage onto a towel, put it in a bag then held it up to proclaim, “This is a bag of shit. You will be seeing a lot more of this on this stage later today.” Who was following DEP? Puddle Of Mudd, Incubus, Slipknot, Raging ‘utter cack’ Speedhorn, Amen… the dude had a point he wanted to make, and by golly he made it. Personally, I think it was a phenomenal statement, and it was made all the more impressive considering just how much they killed it that day. They’d recently been supporting System Of A Down on their ‘Toxicity’ tour, so they were playing to vast rooms full of people giving them the finger, so they took out a year’s worth of aggression in 30 short minutes. To this date, it remains one of the most incredible shows I’ve ever seen in in my life. The video below is of ‘Sugar Coated Sour’, the opening tune from their magnum opus ‘Calculating Infinity’. Skip the few seconds of SOAD tuneage and check out that hail of bottles…


Johnny Depp’s playing bank robber John Dillinger in a new film called ‘Public Enemies’. Incidentally, John’s method of evading capture involved a lithe, graceful leap over the counter of whatever bank he was ripping off. The Dillinger Escape Plan in a nutshell: get in, take what you want (in their specific case – your soul, your sanity, your liking of any other band ever because they simply own all) and get the fuck out in style. And I say style, I mean lightspeed tech ludicrousness.

This is Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor inviting them onstage in Perth, Australia, for a gloriously violent rendition of ‘Wish’. And hell, Reznor’s been operating under the mainstream radar for so long – but with a truly staggering level of success (check out some of the stuff he’s done recently, both musically and in terms of actually connecting with and maintaining a fanbase) – so it makes sense he should know who’s worth working with. And just watch this performance! Stunning.

Right, so let’s pretend you guys have a direct line to the band. What would you like to see the new album turning out like? A more melodic – albeit in a really screwed up way – direction like parts of ‘Miss Machine’? An all-out noise holocaust like their first three-track EP? On a side note, has anyone listened to ‘The Mullet Burden’ recently? One of the most phenomenally heavy songs I’ve ever heard, and it still shocks me. Here’s a video of it – that dude screaming like Satan’s own mouthpiece is their original vocalist, Dimitri Minakakis. Dude’s got skills.

They once received a 10/10 review from this here magazine and were called ‘better than The Beatles’. While I fully agree with the sentiment – Lennon’s great and all, but there’s no way he’d run over people’s heads in the name of awesomeness like Greg does below – it’s not strictly accurate. DEP don’t even exist in the same world as The Beatles, except when they’re in their more experimental phase. It’s music from another planet, some weird alien battlesounds beamed down and focalised through a bunch of guys from New Jersey who don’t want to put up with the never-ending shitness of modern living, and who simply want to create some beauty from terror. And they manage it, boy do they manage it.

Go on Greg. Step on some faces.