What Do These ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Pictures Tell Us About Season 4?

Later this month Netflix drama Orange Is The New Black will return with a brand new series on June 17. Plot details are still sketchy, but we’ve had a few teasers and now we’ve got a brand new spanking set of pictures from the new episodes.

Here’s what we can decipher from the new stills of the prison drama.

Sophia is still in solitary confinement
One of the show’s standout characters, Sophia, is seen here still holed up in solitary confinement. She was forcibly moved into in the ‘SHU’ unit after a scrap with other inmates and when she complained about security to Litchfield prison, this was their response. How long will she been in there for? Hard to say, but Laverne Cox (who plays Sophia) is fully behind the character’s arc – so it could be for a fair while. Speaking of Jenji Kohan’s (show creator) script she said: “she has a very clear vision, and she’s not steered us wrong yet. So I trust that vision and our writers. This is just the reality of what it means to be a trans person incarcerated.”

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There’s loads of new inmates
The last season ended with development of new cells for a whole bunch of new inmates. It’s probably the biggest arrival of new characters to Litchfield so far, and there’s likely to be a bit of friction as a result. In the picture below, we see Crazy Eyes look displeased with her new bunk mate, but the show’s previous trailers suggest that the new characters will become integral to the show’s storyline.

Alex survives the greenhouse
The last time we saw Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) her fate was uncertain. Alex was cornered in the greenhouse by a guard sent by her former drug boss Kubra, who is seeking revenge on the inmate for testifying against him in court. It certainly looked like a grim ending was on the cards

Fans were getting a bit nervous when she was absent from the show’s latest trailer, but the new pics seem to show Alex looking relatively harm-free. But how did she get out of there? And could she be killed off soon?

Is an uprising on the way?
As previously mentioned, a whole set of new characters are slated for the show, but it won’t just be just prisoners saying hello. Actor Brad William Henke joins the crowd as a new guard of Litchfield and the pic below showcases the character in full riot gear.

In the trailer we also got very brief glimpses of officers in riot gear – could it be the result of a prisoner rebellion? A population time-bomb could be on the way and Henke looks to be at the centre of it by all accounts. Previous trailers have shown his character’s obvious disdain for the prisoners, so don’t be surprised to see things get riotous this season.

Stella is still nowhere to be seen
Season 3 ended in pretty dire straits for Stella, played by Ruby Rose, as she was shipped out to a maximum security prison as a result of her role in stealing the proceeds of Piper’s prison business. Piper ended up retaliating by framing Stella for carrying dangerous contraband (drugs, cigarettes) and off she went to a maximum security, just days before her scheduled release.

Stella hasn’t appeared in any of the pictures or trailers for this season – so is it too wild to suggest she’s done on the show? Ruby Rose has remained tight-lipped about whether she’ll return. Fans remain hopeful.