This Is What What The Weeknd Gets Up To At The Weekend

It’s a question that has flummoxed the world’s finest scientific minds for many years: what exactly does The Weeknd – aka Grammy-winning R&B superstar Abęl Tesfaye – do on the weekend?

Belonging to that enigmatic group of “mysterious” artists – as in the musicians who don’t take kindly to interview requests, opting instead to let their music do the talking – his public reticence has only added to the heightened speculation about what the Torontonian gets up to in his spare time. Does he volunteer at the local cat shelter? Add to his Fabergé egg collection? Play on this awesome-looking mobile SNES creation?


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No, he doesn’t. The world was stunned on Saturday to actually be provided with the answer to the question that’s been on all of our minds. Behold: on the weekend, The Weeknd likes to fish.


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OK, so that was a slight anti-climax, right? It appears that the 26-year-old isn’t a natural when it comes to his newfound hobby, almost throwing the (presumably quite expensive) fishing rod into the water as he attempts to cast off. “I didn’t even hit the fucking water,” he groans towards the end of the clip, as his mate takes the rod off him before it gets lost at sea forever. Never has something titled “fail…” been so apt.

Still, the post has demonstrated that Tesfaye isn’t afraid to be a little self-deprecating when it comes to his online image – and it seems that his fans have lapped up this rare insight into The Weeknd’s wild weekend routine: