What Happened When Taylor Swift, Ryan Adams And Zane Lowe Gathered At Beats 1 For A Love-In

Zane said it was “like some wonderful musical party”.

Ryan cooed of Tay: “She’s amazing”.

She replied: “Awww!”


So it was pretty cosy in the Beats 1 studio in California, where host Zane Lowe was interviewing singer-writer Ryan Adams about his cover of Taylor Swift’s world-devouring smash-hit album ‘1989’. Taylor called in for 10 minutes or so and the resulting love-in was broadcast as part of Lowe’s Beat 1 show yesterday. Below is write-up of the exchange, followed by a 30-minute video clip of a full sit-down interview between Lowe and Swift, which Apple posted online a couple of days ago.

Tay swooned over Adams’ singer-songwriter-y interpretation of her glossy pop songs, which often made subtle alternations to the original songs.

She said: “I would start singing [Ryan’s] new melodies on tour and I’d have to stop myself. The crowd was so confused – they haven’t heard this record, they don’t know why I’m changing the pre-chorus of ‘Wildest Dreams’ by two notes. I think that it really got in my head. I knew on my first listen that it was a really good. Those melodies reinstating themselves in my brain as replacing the originals. I was like: ‘All right, this is a really great album’.

Effusive in his praise and attentive in his observations, Lowe commented that Adams’ acoustic guitar finger-picking on his version of ‘Blank Space’ was “close to the BPM of the original”

“I noticed that [Ryan] did that and I thought it really beautiful,” Tay said. “It’s an emotional change from my record. It’s kind of a call-and-answer. If you listen to a song like ‘How you get the girl”, I’m singing from a perspective of this girl who clearly has been let down by a guy she’s in love with and she’s trying to tell him “This is how you can get me back”. And the way that [Ryan] portrayed it was: You’re the guy who has let down the girl he’s in love with and you’re kind of giving this warning to everyone else, like: ‘Don’t make my mistakes, don’t do what I did, that’s how you lose the person you love.’ So it’s like this crazy juxtaposition.”

Zane: “The whole thing is just subversive musical magic… “Would you do things together?”


Tay: “We have written together before. We wrote together once and it was amazing. [At this point Adams confirmed it was “awesome”.] I know what his studio is like, I know what his vibe is like, I’ve seen him create music and just get into a zone where it’s like very much on-the-fly ad-lib – you create music really really quickly. It’s like you get this bolt of lightning and Ryan is just off, making this song happen. So that’s one thing that made it really special to listen to this album because I can kinda visualise how he probably recorded it. Because I’ve been in those rooms before, it made it even more magical.”

Asked for her favourite song on Ryan Adams’ ‘1989’, Taylor said it’s a tie between ‘Blank Space’ and ‘How You Get The Girl’. She was then asked if she’d join Adams to perform his version of the songs.

“I’m open to anything, honestly,” she said. “I’ve been such a huge fan of Ryan and what he stands for and his music, it’s been kind of like mile markers on my life, his songs, so I’m open to anything collaborative.”

Talk about having a squad! We are determined to penetrate their friendship circle and become pals with them three of ’em.