“Honestly, fuck you” – here’s what happens if you follow Kanye West’s life advice

The rapper's message of love hasn't gone down well with everyone

Over the weekend, Kanye West continued to provide his Twitter followers with shower-thought nuggets. “We’re in this so-called information age,” he pondered last night, “but we’re starving for wisdom”. A few days prior he’d tweeted: “Love has a stigma.” He’s almost a new Kanye, you might think – though Saturday saw his first music in two years primarily featuring variations on the lyrics “poopity-scoop”. Ah well.

Most notable of his recent agony-aunt tweets is the “new challenge” he issued his followers on Saturday (April 28). “Pick somebody that you had an argument with that you think you hate,” he said. “Maybe even someone you haven’t spoken to in years. Contact that person and tell them I love you.”

Immediately, fans responded with screengrabs of their communications with former loved ones, many of who had reacted badly to Kanye’s message – to put it mildly. “You haven’t talked to me in months,” replied one. “I don’t understand. Honestly, fuck you. I don’t wish death on anyone, but you aren’t human”.

Another wrote: “Fuck you. Why are you like this?”

“Go fuck yourself” came another reply.

Not all of the reactions were bad. Some reported reciprocated “I love you”s from their chosen person.

One of Kanye’s followers even wanted an angry response so they could get retweets.

Then there are those heroes among Kanye’s following, who exploited the grammatical ambiguity of Kanye’s tweet for absurdist lols.

The replies were almost uniformly perplexed.

Except for this one, which ended in two dramatic syllables.

Thanks, Kanye.