What Is Frank Ocean’s New Calvin Klein Advert All About?

So here we are once again, friends: back at it again with the Frank Ocean hype. After seemingly confirming on the weekend that his much-hyped third album, the provisionally titled ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, will drop this very month (and haven’t we been through that tortured tunnel of emotion before?), it now appears that Frank is finally – finally! – ready to embrace his adoring public.

Yes, after months and years and decades and millennia of time away from the spotlight – bar the occasional Kanye guest spot here and the probably-sort-of-who-knows-what-it-actually-was secret album listening party there – up popped the man formerly known as Christopher Edwin Breaux yesterday in, of all things, a Calvin Klein advert.

Yes, behold, as Frank stars in a short clip that’s part of the NYC fashion house’s ‘#MyCalvins’ viral campaign for their autumn collection – with similarly well-lit and fashionably-edited videos of Young Thug, Margot Robbie and Colombian attacking ace James Rodriguez (who, in his film, looks terrified of admitting that he’s ever experienced love) among the varied array of talent gracing the CK name – in what is a rather beguiling watch. See it for yourself below – go and turn it up to 1080p, if you dare:

But what, if anything, does this new advert tells us about Frank, ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, or the meaning of life in general? Here’s a few knee-jerk deconstructions that we can take away from this ever-so-short and rare glimpse of one of the planet’s finest creative minds.

Frank is stuck in some sort of Truman Show nightmare

At this point in time, you simply can’t rule it out. Should Frank actually be being subjected to the same Big Brother-style of treatment that Jim Carrey’s happy-go-lucky character was in the actually-quite-terrifying 1998 film, shouldn’t we launch some sort of NATO-style rescue mission to free him for the hyper-constructed reality that CK have imprisoned him in for the purpose of selling some boxer shorts? The answer to this is: yes, yes we should. Think how Obama’s Presidential legacy would be inarguably strengthened if he spearheaded the rescue efforts. Best POTUS of all time, they’d say.

What Frank says in this advert is an insight to his current lyrical approach

Addressing the camera, Frank takes time to wax lyrical on… something. “It takes a mind to worry; a conscious to feel ashamed,” he says. “But there’s no place to hide out here: these skies are filled with planes.

Translation – Frank has written a concept album about the recent surge in sales of drones.

He continues: “You can sort of romanticise about something that’s in the past, which is fantasy because it’s not exactly how it went down. Fantasy plays the role of almost like the supplement. Drawn fantasy to make things hyper-real, I guess. Saturate the colours.

Nope, us neither.

It’s a convincing sermon on why fashion is actually better than making music

No, that’s not it.

This one-minute advert is actually his third album

If it is, then I’m cancelling my broadband subscription and retreating to a Tibetan monastery.

This one-minute advert is actually Frank’s apology for taking so damn long with album3

These visuals are something that Frank Ocean fans – Frankiacs? Oceanites? – the universe over can cling onto, at the very least – because remember, the album is definitely coming this month. Definitely! 100%! It’s coming! Here it is!

This one-minute advert is Frank’s way of saying “fuck you” to all those moaning about the wait

This is probably more the case than the above.

That, unless we all buy lots of designer boxer briefs, Calvin Klein will withhold ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ forever

Shit, imagine if this was true?

That we’ve all become so frenzied about any minuscule movement in Frank’s life that we’ve all gone a little bit insane since we had our fill of ‘channel ORANGE’

Naaaaaah. We just want to hear the 2016 version of ‘Pyramids’, don’t we? That’s not too much to ask at all.

That this trailer is actually the beginning of a slew of pubic activity from Frank, which will soon peak with the imminent release of ‘Boy’s Don’t Cry’

Well, yes. This would be very nice indeed, wouldn’t it? This advert may soon be a mere footnote in the recent history of Frank Ocean, especially if the album actually drops this month, as promised. And, if he’s true to his words here – “If you start to have it and you keep it up for four or five weeks, and then you stop – you feel like you’re missing something in your day. That’s what music is for me. It feels like a necessary act” – then we’re about to receive a creative work that has clearly kept Frank pre-occupied in the four years since ‘channel ORANGE’ like no other.

But, until that notification of new music arrives, we continue our wait. Maybe even do a bit of online shopping while we’re at it. Come to think of it, some new boxer shorts wouldn’t go amiss…