What Makes La Roux Proud To Be Different? Watch Her Band Mates Quiz Her On Camera

When you spend as long on the road together as the immensely hard-working La Roux and her band do, essentially living in each other’s pockets, you get to know each other in an intimate way – finishing each other’s sentences, sandwiches and more. That’s the theory, at least. Zig-Zag Rolling Papers put it to the test with Elly Jackson and her crew of chic keyboard-pop hit-makers, challenging the session players behind her onstage each night to guess how the singer would describe herself and her songs. Check it out below.

There’s more to come from Zig-Zag’s ‘Rolling with…’ this summer from both Catfish and the Bottlemen and La Roux, so keep your eyes peeled. The videos are a run up to an epic show to be announced later on, so to stay in the loop, for info about Zig-Zag Rolling Papers, to see more videos and for more about the #proudtobedifferent campaign head to www.proudtobedifferent.co.uk