What’s On Your Headphones? This Week: Manchester

Each week, NME will be patrolling the streets of a different town in search of the area’s most switched on and best dressed music fans. This week, we hit Manchester to see what the city that gave us The Smiths, Oasis and The Stone Roses is listening to now…

Jamie-Leigh Hargreaves
31, freelance PR and event management

Listening to: Micachu and The Shapes, ‘Good Sad Happy Bad’
“I think Mica Levi is one of the most amazing talents of our generation. ‘Sad’ is this uplifting kind of drummy, upbeat-electro and ‘Oh Baby’ is the most beautiful almost-a-love song”.

Wearing: Mango dress, H&M necklace.

Best thing about Manchester: “Its music and art scene. Everyone works together and is supportive and very giving.”

Penelope Armstrong
27, designer

Listening to: Erykah Badu, ‘Appletree’
“This song is always in my head and I love having it on when I’m walking around or sat at my desk working. I think there’s a song of hers for any mood you’re in. She’s completely unique.”

Wearing: Denim coat from Korea, Primark top, H&M trousers and sandals.

Best thing about Manchester: “Manchester is mint. The city has an amazing music culture; I used to love record shopping with my dad at Piccadilly Records. Vintage shopping too, but don’t get sucked in and think vintage ski boots are acceptable everyday wear.”

Chris Butler
35, artist

Listening to: We Are Willow, ‘Black & White’
“We Are Willow is a Manchester-based collaborative music/art collective that I’m part of.”

Wearing: Vans plimsolls, Gap jeans, Primark shirt, brown cord ladies’ charity shop shirt, Brooklyn thrift store lumberjack jacket.

Best thing about Manchester: “Fallowfield Loop bike rides and The Nursery Inn pub on Heaton Moor.”

Poppy Roberts
29, shop manager

Listening to: Flako, ‘Hole In The Dark’
“Flako is one of my favourite producers at the moment. He makes chaos sound beautiful.”

Wearing: YMC top, Carhartt shorts, Adidas Stan Smith trainers

Best thing about Manchester: “Manchester is small enough to feel like a real home but big enough to discover it all over again. Also, Ho’s Bakery in Chinatown is the one.”

Chris Yates
28, tattoo artist

Listening to: Star Fucking Hipsters, ‘Until We’re Dead’
“I didn’t hear this song until very recently. Years ago I was listening to a lot of Leftover Crack, Choking Victim, No Cash and Morning Glory. ‘Until We’re Dead’ reminded me of all the songs I loved, all the beer soaked parties and all the carnage that went with it.”

Wearing: Doc Martens, Topman shirt, Peter Worth jacket, H&M jeans

Best thing about Manchester: “Nightlife!”

Joe Smart
24, studio manager

Listening to: Nick Cave, ‘The Ship Song’
“This song is from a Nick Cave playlist – love a bit of bleak on a Monday! Although ‘Red Right Hand’ is head and shoulders above his other songs.”

Wearing: Original Factory Shop shirt, Dickies trousers. Nike shoes

Best thing about Manchester: “Music, bars, John Ryands Library”

Katell Sevellec
34, translator

Listening to: Junip, ‘Line Of Fire’
“I liked Jose Gonzales’ solo stuff and I was curious about hearing new material from him [with Tobias Winterkorn as Junip]. It’s one of those tracks that make a great soundtrack for a walk, in your own movie.”

Wearing: Charity shop cardigan and skirt, black leggings

Best thing about Manchester: “Rooftops when you walk in town. Keep looking up every so often, there’s a beautiful mix of colours and architecture here that is particularly beautiful at rooftop level.”

Aisling Lafferty
24, junior brand manager

Listening to: Amy Winehouse, ‘To Know Him Is To Love Him’
“Having recently watched the documentary Amy, I’ve revisited her albums and this song in particular is a hidden gem on the ‘Back To Black’ deluxe version. The song is so simple but so beautiful.”

Wearing:Native Youth check shirt, Warehouse T-shirt, Native Youth culottes, Adidas superstar slip ons

Best thing about Manchester: “The variety of music and venues. One night you can go downstairs to South @ Murkage basement, the next a massive show at the Albert Hall.”