The Five Songs Sam Allardyce Should Listen To This Morning

Bad times for Sam Allardyce. Last night, the now-ex England football manager was forced to leave his role after just 67 days in charge of the squad. The move was decided by ‘mutual agreement’ following a report by The Daily Telegraph that implicated in him alleged corruption in the English game. In the undercover report, Sam said there were ways to “get around” certain transfer rules, before going on to slag off the FA (his employer), former manager Roy Hodgson and other members of staff. Not a wise move by a man with a £3 million a year contract on the line.

Therefore, you can imagine that Allardyce is probably feeling a bit blue this morning, considering that his ‘dream job’ lasted a mere one game. As Sam prepares for some more lie-ins and endless daytime TV now he’s out of work, we’ve suggested a few tracks that he should get on the speakers right now.

Rat Boy – ‘Sign On’
He probably doesn’t need to sign on to JSA, but Rat Boy made a convincing case for it following his sacking from Wetherspoons.

The Dead Kennedys – ‘Take This Job And Shove It’
Sam’s already accused the paper of ‘entrapment’, so this tune from the Cali punks probably help get the rage out.

The Smiths – ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’
At at the end of the day, the job’s gone and what better way to mope around the house than with a helping of Morrissey’s glorious self-pity.

Alex Chilton – ‘I Lost My Job’
He could take a leaf from optimist Alex Chilton’s book – ‘Lost my job, Now I can stay out all night long’.

The Clash – ‘Career Opportunities’
Never mind though! There will be other jobs out there. Right?