What Song Could You Listen To For 18 Hours Straight?

This weekend San Francisco radio station Latino Mix 105.7 played Nelly’s 2002 hit ‘Hot In Herre’ for 18 hours straight. We don’t know the exact reason why – the station has yet to issue a statement on their Nelly-thon. Presumably they just thought in a time of global crisis, with the Crimea in chaos and planes disappearing from skies, what the world really needs 18 consecutive hours of Nelly shouting “GOOD GOD THAT ASS IS BODACIOUS” like some kind of zealous Christian sex-pest surfer dude.

I tuned in after seeing a Bay Area local tweet about it in confusion and sure enough, every time you thought Nelly had taken all his clothes off for the final time, the track started over. It was pretty remarkable, and got us in the NME office this morning discussing – if you had to listen to one song for 18 consecutive hours, what would it be?

I’d probably go with something lullaby-like and optimistic to achieve a state of zen-like calm to – Radiohead’s ‘Let Down’, ‘’Helicon 2’ by Mogwai, Aphex Twin’s ‘Avril 14’, a hushed Nils Frahm piano solo, some vintage hypnotic Tim Hecker drones or something from the new Beck album maybe. My first reaction was to pick one of my all time favourite songs, like Pavement’s ‘Gold Soundz’ but it’s so sunny I think I’d end up wanting to garrote Stephen Malkmus with his own guitar strings by the 50th play.

You could get smart and pick John Cage’s silent ‘4’33’ for 18 hours of quiet bliss. That’s sort of cheating though. You could also make the most of the time by picking a track by a speed-rapper like Twista, like the frantic ‘Overnight Celebrity’, using the 18 hours wisely to learn every word and impress mates with your MAD FLOW on the other side of your one-song marathon. Of course, you could also resign yourself to the 18 hours listening to one song melting your brain into a gloopy mess no matter what track you pick, and speed the whole process along by listening to loud, fast and nasty to erode your sanity quickly and get it all over with, like Mclusky’s ‘Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues’ or ‘The Saddest Day’ by Converge.

If you had to listen to a song for 18 hours straight what would it be and why? Let us know below or on Twitter, using the hashtag #1Song18Hours