What To Take To Glastonbury Festival

If you’re one of the lucky thousands with a Glastonbury ticket, then you’ll be doing one thing over the next few hours – and that’s panic packing the dusty old backpack you last used on your gap year. If you’re not quite sure what to shove in there, then NME’s handy hit list should help.

Your Ticket

Toilet Paper

This should be the first thing on everyone’s Glasto list. One can only imagine the horror that would ensue after four days without toilet paper. Pack one roll if you like living on the edge, two if you’re one of life’s sensible people.

A Torch
Finding your tent late at night is always a struggle. Make it less so by using a torch so you don’t trip over a million guy ropes and accidently stand on someone’s acoustic guitar.

You can buy booze on site, of course. But if you want to save some cash, then a plastic bottle of vodka wouldn’t go amiss. Ice, lime and soda optional. The Glasto rules state you can bring enough for ‘reasonable personal use’, so interpret that as you will. And no glass bottles.

Plastic Bags

Put food in them. Put shoes in them. Put other bags in them. Put your old socks in them. Put your phone in it during a downpour. Put anything you don’t want to be covered in mud in them. A godsend and totally worth the 5p charge.

A phone battery booster
Here’s a fact: your smartphone will run out of juice frustratingly soon after arriving. The wait to recharge it will be frustratingly long. A portable charger will double the time before you have to join that queue. Just remember to charge it up before you set off.

A ‘burner’ phone
You can get a bog-standard, retro, not-at-all-smart phone and pay-as-you-go SIM for a few quid. The battery will last for days and you’ll be able to arrange to meet your mates by good old-fashioned texting and calling (while wondering what, exactly, is happening on that WhatsApp group).

It’s 3am, you’ve just got back to your tend after raving in Shangri-La and your stomach is rumbling like crazy. You can’t be bothered to go back to the food stalls. But what’s that? A Picnic bar? Hallelujah! Sweet chocolate-y dreams are yours.

Surely you don’t need to be told this one, right?

Twice the amount of socks that you think you need
Because mud, wellies and walking 15 miles a day do weird things to your feet.

Sacrificial trainers
Or trainers that you don’t mind getting mucked up, in case there’s that glorious moment where the ground dries out just enough.

More money than you think you need
Because the ATM queues will make you sad and you will definitely spend it.

Glastonbury is a loud, rowdy place. Whenever your bedtime is, you can guarantee that there’ll be someone who is wide awake, very near to wherever you’re sleeping and making lots of noise. Earplugs will help you avoid getting angry with those people.

Comfort is important. A pillow – rather than a rolled up hoodie/towel/pair of moist socks – is one of the most important pieces of Glasto kit. Squish it into your backpack. It’ll be worth it.

Sun Lotion

We can but dream.

These commonly-forgotten items
A towel. Toothpaste. Sunglasses. Headache tablets. More than one lighter.

Don’t bring

Nitrous Oxide
Unlike previous years, laughing gas is now banned from Glastonbury, so don’t expect to be buying three balloons for a fiver up at the Stone Circle around sunrise.

Because that’s Muse’s thing.

Glass Bottles
Decant your liquor into plastic bottles before you get onsite.