What was David Bowie doing at your age? This site has the answer and it’s depressing as fuck

When David Bowie was 65, he hailed a cab in New York City.

And that’s not even one of his most breathtaking achievements, as the website supbowie.com proves. You simply type in your current age and the site tells you what late genius superstar David Bowie was doing at that age.

Like having sex with your ex, it’s fun at the time but also makes you feel like shit.


At 22, we learn, the man born David Jones “got his first hit in the UK with “Space Oddity”. At 30, “He sang in a completely self-invented language on the 1977 ‘Low’ album track, ‘Subterraneans'”. Other revelations from the website: he’s had a spider, the Heteropoda Davidbowie, named after him and was once a weirdly handsome baby.

This could lead to a depressing reflection on our own pitiful, obscure existences, but let’s push on through and decide it’s motivational and inspiring instead.