What Was David ‘Doo Doo’ Cameron Humming Outside Number 10? The Internet’s Best Guesses – And Most Savage Remixes

So you’ve just lost your job. Well, the world of work is overrated anyway, right? Much better to spend all day sitting in your underpants, wanking and eating crisps. Are these the pastimes David Cameron can look forward to now that Theresa May has taken over his job? The little hum he did after announcing his resignation speech certainly seemed to suggest so.

Social media cads have, of course, been keen to get on the online gravy train and guess what Cameron was humming. The human race is a simple thing, and mainly it just wants to go viral on Twitter.


Adam was bullish in his insistent that was this WWE wrestler’s theme

Verdict: highly unlikely

While Ruth was speculative, but firm

Verdict: Cameron likes a bit of Christianity, so it’s possible.


@theprojecttv kept it topical

Verdict: Given all the Tory backstabbing that’s happened recently – Michael Gove, we’re looking at you – it wouldn’t be a surprise.

Ryan’s been busy

Verdict: Nah. Cameron’s off to Chipping Norton, but Sesame Street.

Auriandra reckons David Cameron likes his classical music

Verdict: Sure, why not?

David might actually have it here

Verdict: This is definitely correct

Though Alistair raises a good point

Verdict: If the man who ran the country for six years is singing a cartoon theme tune, it’s probably Frozen, like his cold, Tory heart.

Anyway, you can’t have something go viral these days without someone turning it into a club banger, so without further ado, allow us to present you with the undeniable groove of Graeme’s effort.

Or perhaps you’re more into classical music? Classic FM have done a sterling analysis of the tune and turned it into this “short musical fantasy”, which is extremely lovely indeed.

But the winner has to be a chap called Chris Hollis from Hitchin in Hertforshire, who has turned the hum into a sort of evil Tory theme, their very own Imperial March. Incoming PM Theresa May has been described as “a bloody difficult woman”, which surely top anything anyone ever said about Darth Vader.