What We Learnt From An Early Preview Of Oasis’ ‘Supersonic’ Documentary

If you’re anything like us, you’re eagerly awaiting the release of ‘Supersonic’, the documentary that follows the early years of Oasis, from the dole queue to Knebworth. At Festival No. 6 last weekend, director Matt Whitecross appeared at a special preview screening and discussed the making of the film. Here’s what we learnt.

Noel and Liam might sound like they’re having a conversation in the film, but they were never in the same room
“When we started doing it, it was great because it kind of felt like they were talking to each other. We did 12 interviews with Noel and the same with Liam. We did about 20 hours with both of them. We’d talk to Noel and Liam and it was like we’d created a conversation between them even though they weren’t in the same room.”

The band were so high in the ’90s they didn’t realise anyone was filming them
When filmmakers first approached Liam about making the documentary, he was skeptical that there’d be any footage from the time. “No one has ever put a camera on me,” he apparently told them, but it turns out the band were just so wasted they didn’t realise they were been filmed.


“At the time they were so high they didn’t realise anyone was filming them and people weren’t allowed to shoot them,” explained Whitecross. “Back then cameras were bigger. There wasn’t like filming you can get on your phone which people do all the time now. So they assumed no one had any footage but it turned out that Tim Abbot at Creation Records had been filming them. So there was all this footage that even they had never seen. It turned there was actually a lot more than expected.”

Neither Noel or Liam ruled out the idea of getting back together to the filmmakers
As you might expect from everything he’s said on an Oasis reunion so far, Noel was less enthusiastic about this than Liam, but he still didn’t discard the idea completely according to Whitecross. “Neither of them have discounted the idea of getting back together,” he said. “It will happen, I’m sure. The idea of never seeing them again for me is impossible. Noel said unless it was an obscene amount of money what would be the point in any of them getting back together. Liam is like no fuck it we were great. So I think they’ve still got it.” Whether it ever actually happens, though, is another thing entirely.

Chris Martin is always telling Noel how to fix the problems between him and Liam
“I felt like a bit of a relationship councillor between the two of them,” Whitecross said of the process and revealed Noel had said no subject was off limits and Liam considered it the “therapy he never had”. The director also shared an anecdote Noel had told him about people trying to resolve the brothers’ problems, including one very famous person.

“Noel said everyone is always coming up to them giving them advice about how they are going to mend this relationship. He’s friends with Chris Martin and he said Chris should quit the music business and become a therapist because every week he goes ‘Look this is how you are going to patch up the band’. Noel said ‘look no one knows us like we know each other and it will happen when it happens but we can’t force it’.”

Liam reckons the brothers’ fractious relationship stems from an incident in their youth
In one of the clips shown at the event, Noel and Liam discuss their relationship. “I think it all boils down to the fact that when he bought a stereo years ago and we shared a room, I think one night I’d come in pissed and I couldn’t find the light switch so I pissed all over his new stereo,” Liam says in it. “I think it basically boils down to that. He’s held that grudge ever since. Let go of them bridges brother.”