What Will Be The Song Of The Summer?

It happens every summer, without fail: one song is plucked from the ether and transformed into a snarling, all-conquering beast that takes over the airwaves and entrenches itself in your earholes, refusing to budge until Autumn beckons. Remember this time last year, for example, when nobody was safe from Foster The People’s ‘Pumped Up Kicks’? It got to the point where, somehow, it didn’t feel quite right unless it was blaring out of someone’s radio, CD player, TV or iPod.

So, we’re looking ahead and wondering what’s going to be big summer anthem this year – we’ve chosen a handful of contenders below, but most importantly, we want to know what your songs of the summer are going to be – make sure you let us know.

Alabama Shakes – ‘Hold On’
This one’s been floating around for a while, of course, but now the rest of the world has cottoned on to what NME’s been saying for a while – namely, that Alabama Shakes are bloody ace – we’re expecting this to be huge this summer. Swaggering, south-fried rock doesn’t come much finer, ladies and gents.

Pond – ‘You Broke My Cool’

Pond, with their sun-kissed, psychedelic wares, are so perfectly suited to soundtracking your haziest festival memories that it’s hard to believe they weren’t assembled like robots by some natty marketing team. But they weren’t, of course, and ‘You Broke My Cool’ just happens to be one of the most stonkingly impressive pop songs we’ve heard in aeons.

The Cribs – ‘Glitters Like Gold’

The Jarman brothers already look like they’re going to own 2012, so why should the summer be any different? ‘Glitter Like Gold’ is perhaps the raucous, punch-heavy highlight of new LP ‘In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull’: all skyscraping guitars and raggedy euphoria. Perfect for those witching hour moments when you’re throwing your arms around strangers and telling them you love them more than your own parents.

Best Coast – ‘The Only Place’
Yes, before some smart-alec in the comments section points out, I am not eneamoured with Best Coast’s latest effort. But that doesn’t change the fact that ‘The Only Place’ is obviously going to be massive this summer – it’s got the fuzziest, most happy-go-lucky melody I’ve heard in yonks, and has lyrics like “We wake up with the sun in our eyes”. Everyone’s going to be singing this in the beer-sodden fields, aren’t they? I’ll buy some headphones.

Citizens! – ‘True Romance’

In a just world, ‘True Romance’ would be beloved by everybody this summer: darkly-edged, starry-eyed pop, blessed with a twinkling melody and a killer chorus to boot. We can but dream, folks…