What Would Pixar Movies Look Like If They Ended At Their Saddest Part?

What is the point of a Pixar movie? That’s right, it’s escapism, a mood lifter, a prism through which the real world looks sunny and rosy.

Alas, reality has finally caught up with Pixar. Some cad on the internet, whom we’ll call Chris Huebs – for that is this person’s YouTube username – has asked what if look like if all Pixar movies ended at the sad parts. Forget your resolution, forget happy endings. Just – BAM! Sad face, lights out, over and done with. It is a cruel world, Chris Huebs is saying, and we should not forget these even for 90 minutes of family entertainment.

How would we feel if the end credits rolled when Marlin contemplated tragedy in Finding Nemo? Could we cope if Toy Story 2 concluded with Jessie being abandoned by the side of the road? We’d be heartbroken, but also confused because said credits would be accompanied by jaunty theme music, the kind we’re used to bringing us joy in a Pixar movie. Lost, bewildered, concerned for the safety of our favourite cartoon characters – that’s how we’d feel.

These are concerns we didn’t even known we had, until internet pessimist Chris Huebs invented them for us. The internet: inventing problems since the early ’90s.