What Would The Rugrats Look Like Now? A Man Who Worked On The Show Has The Answer: ‘Lumpy’

What would the Rugrats characters look like now? They were babies and toddlers when we first met them, but how have they fared over the years? It’s a question that’s been on all of our minds since the last instalment of the kids’ cartoon, which ran from 1991 to 2006.

The internet has offered answers, with various artists giving their tuppence worth. One suggested Chuckie would be a flamboyant hipster and Tommy a buff photographer; another that Dil would become what looks like, erm, a recovering heroin addict. Yet one man’s interpretation carried more weight than the other, and he has now gifted us with his offering.

Between 1999 and 2002, Eric Molinsky was a storyboard artist at Klasky Csupo, the animation company responsible for – among many other cartoons – Rugrats. He’s now waded into the debate, outlining his gripes with the internet’s ageing of his beloved characters.

Writing here, Molinsky explained: “It really bugs me — not the quality of the artwork, but the interpretation. We referred to them as lumpy babies for a reason. If we ever drew the Rugrats as being too cute, our executive producer would scold us. We were supposed to emulate the style of Eastern European animators — many of whom were brought over, with their sly wit and husky voices (they took a lot of smoke breaks.)”

Below, then, is what he reckons Phil, Lil, Tommy, Chuckie and the gang would look like now. As he says, they’re not models or hipsters, but ordinary, “lumpy” looking people. Even Angelica, the brat of the group, couldn’t argue with that.