See What Happened When Maisie Williams Crashed A Student ‘Game Of Thrones’ Party

Season six, episode one of Game of Thrones hits UK screens tonight (April 25) for the normal-people screening – ie not the 2AM simulcast from the USA – and the UK as a whole seems pretty excited about it. It’s trending high on Twitter, although those hoping to avoid spoilers from the first episode should avoid Twitter like the plague. We’ve already seen GoT episode one, and you can see what we made of it here, but anyone who hasn’t seen the new episode just yet will be wondering a few things.

Is Jon Snow really dead? Who exactly captured Daenerys at the end of last season? Is Arya really blind? Will Sansa and Theon manage to get away from Ramsay Bolton’s hounds? Our lips are sealed for now. What about another important question, though: might Maisie Williams be coming to watch the first episode of the series at your house?

That’s the situation these students from the University of California, Los Angeles found themselves in when Maisie put up an open question on Twitter, looking for fans who were holding viewing parties last night. As a surprise to a group of lucky winners, she bought some sweets and popcorn and came down to their party to hang out.

The range of snacks at the party she crashed was already pretty impressive though – look out for Grey Worm’s worms and their dragon egg cookies in her story of the night, below, and also consider what she says about Jon Snow’s fate…

(4/12) SNACKS DONE. We were on our way to surprise our lovely fans!

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(5/12) We could hear the party inside so we had to be REALLY quiet!

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(12/12) Ps. Thanks for the dragon egg cookies, they were THA BOMB

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