What’s On Your Headphones? – Birmingham (1/10/2015)

The people of Birmingham tell us what they’ve been wearing and listening to…

Jo Pedlar, 36, owner of Flamingo Vintage
Listening to:The Rolling Stones, ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ – “Because I really wish I lived in the ’70s.”
Wearing: vintage jumper, H&M flares, platform shoes from eBay.
Best thing about Birmingham: “All the great little independent shops,
bars and restaurants.”


Dave Heywood, 26, works in Topman
Listening to: Twin Atlantic, ‘Rest In Pieces’ “They’re probably my favourite band at the moment. I’ve seen them about six times.”
Wearing: Primark coat, Topman denim jacket
and T-shirt, River Island
jumper, H&M hat, Dr Martens brogues.
Best thing about Birmingham: “BrewDog does great drinks. Find a good pub and stick with it!”

Abdulrahman Ibrahim, 18, student
Listening to: Katy Perry, ‘Dark Horse’ – “The song always reminds me of two things: my close friend and my final year at high school.”
Wearing: H&M jacket and cap, Jack & Jones jeans, Nike Air Max trainers.
Best thing about Birmingham: “Shopping and the museum.”

Pauline Daras, 22, unemployed
Listening to: Demi Lovato, ‘Cool For The Summer’ – “Her songs give me energy and courage.”
Wearing: Zalando jacket, ‘Uesm’ sports top.
Best thing about Birmingham: “The people, the food and Chinatown.”


Joel Webster, 30, bar manager/promoter
Listening to: Say Hi, ‘The Grass is Always Greener’ – “I love his voice, it reminds me of The Rakes. All their other material is great too so I’m trying to book them to play if they ever come over to the UK.”
Wearing: Nike Blazes, Levi 511 jeans, Topman t-shirt
Best thing about Birmingham: “Ikon Gallery and beer at the canal side.”

Thomas Holloway, 25, events co-ordinator
Listening to: Yak, ‘Distortion’ – “I love the video to the track when it’s doubled with something on your mind… It sounds like spinning around in a field with your friends.”
Wearing: Fred Perry top, Levi’s jacket, Calvin Klein jeans, Dr. Martens
Best thing about Birmingham: “Speakeasy at the site office, Jewellery Quarter.”

Matthew Coppell, 25, chef
Listening to: Lion Babe, ‘Treat Me Like Fire’ – “It’s groove-based music with an R&B twist. The vocals have a great amount of silence running through as well which I think is really powerful.”
Wearing: Desperado t-shirt, Gary Rhodes chef trousers, New Balance trainers
Best thing about Birmingham: “The influx of street food”

Kim Green, 26, general manager
Listening to: Future Islands, ‘A Dream Of You And Me’ – “I really enjoy the lead singer, Sam Herring’s passion in both his unusual dancing and vocals. His movements remind me of an overly enthusiastic Ian Curtis.”
Wearing: New Look dress, Converse shoes
Best thing about Birmingham: “Moseley life”

Davis Armstrong, 22, IT Developer
Listening to: Juice, ‘Acid Kids’
Wearing: Jack Jones top, Topman jeans, Dr. Martens
Best thing about Birmingham: “Pubs, gigs, full English breakfast at Cherry Reds and an Oyster Stout”

Lauren Franklin, 23, bar staff
Listening to: Tame Impala, ‘Eventually’
Wearing: New Look top, jeans, H&M sandals
Best thing about Birmingham: “Free gigs at One Trick Pony, in Moseley, every other Thursday.”

Jing Yuan, 24, student
Listening to: Taylor Swift
Wearing: Zara cardigan and jumper, Topshop jeans
Best thing about Birmingham: “Gigs – Ski centre, cathedral, uni.”

Victoria McGovern, 22, student
Listening to: Marvin Gaye, ‘Heard It Through The Grape Vine’
Wearing: Vintage fair jacket, Primark jeans, H&M pumps
Best thing about Birmingham: “Bars – Down the Rainbow.”

Adam Woollard, 24, freelance writer
Listening to: Slaughter House, ‘Y’all Ready Know’
Wearing: Next top, Primark jeans, Clarks shoes
Best thing about Birmingham: “People are really nice. And gigs.”