What’s Pete Doherty Been Up To Lately?

Thought Pete Doherty was keeping his head down in Albion/in Paris? Then you might wanna check out this week’s issue of NME to read our in-depth report about what the bleedin’ heck he’s actually been up to recently. Clue: he’s been busy as fuck.

Pete Doherty

Pete, a few years ago, with some cats

Most excitingly for fans of his music, this involves peppering the internet with new tunes a-plenty, playing with French bands and preparing Babyshambles’ comeback. He’s also been doing a spot of actual, real acting too. Here are the best of the new songs of Pete’s that have appeared online in recent months.

Bird Cage
This one’s a duet with singer Suzi Martin, recorded at Babyshambles guitarist Mik Whitnall’s London studio last month.


Hired Gun
Here’s an exclusive stream of the new single from The Lipstick Melodies, in collaboration with Pete. That band, of course, feature Alan Wass on vocals, who’s been knocking around with Pete for years – his old band Lefthand supported The Libertines on the fabled Albion tour in 2002 (and Alan apparently took a piss in one of Carl Barat’s brogues during it). This track’s actually been around in demo form for years, but gets a proper release in March.


A three-chord acoustic runaround, this is really early/basic, but it shows a lot of promise.

Down For The Outing

And this one sounds like it has the makings of classic solo Moz to us, if they nail it in the studio.


Pick up this week’s issue of NME to read the full Pete piece.