What’s The Best Acoustic Song Ever?

Acoustic music: it’s everywhere right now. From Bombay Bicycle Club’s rustic new unplugged record, to the swing-yer-pants pleasantfolk of Stornoway, half the time the NME office resounds to so much understated, fingerpicky music, it’s like being trapped inside an episode of The Wicker Man, only with less fire and screaming and opaque phallic ritual.

Blame Mumford And Sons if you like, but suddenly the release schedules and festival line-ups bristle with the likes of Goldheart Assembly and Villagers, bands who have never knowingly played a power chord, and for whom a finger-blurring banjo solo is the epitome of full-throttle rock’n’roll showmanship.

But we’re here to celebrate, not to mock. Think of this blog post as a love note to all things unamplified, a hymn to the unplugged. So – from Dylan to Dashboard Confessional, tell us: what’s your favourite ever acoustic track?