What’s The Best Ever Muse Track?

What’s the best ever Muse track? Big question, and a debate that’s been raging over on our online poll this week.

This track is Number One at time of writing, with ‘Bliss’ and ‘Plug In Baby’ currently bagging silver and bronze respectively, followed by ‘Knights Of Cydonia’ and ‘New Born’.

It speaks volumes that the Top Five are drawn from so many different albums and Muse eras. The current champion hails from 2003’s ‘Absolution’ while 2nd and 3rd are taken off 2001’s ‘Origin Of Symmetry’, and Number 4 starred on 2006’s ‘Black Holes & Revelations’. There’s also very little in the tallies, with only 0.4 points seperating Number One and Number Six. All of which points to Muse as a pretty consistent band across their career (although ‘The Resistance’ hasn’t offered much in voters’ eyes).

So what do you think is the best Muse track ever? And, once they’ve got the whole of ‘Origin Of Symmetry’ out of their system, which tracks do you want to see them play at Reading & Leeds?

Dom told NME they’ll “probably just do the old cheap encore and play a few hits” this weekend. So what classics do you want to hear?

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