What’s The Best Friday Afternoon Music?

So, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, it’s FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Home to those sacred few hours in which the whole weekend is ahead of you, most people are winding down what they’re doing, jobs are put off until Monday in favour of LOLsworthy links and the pub beckons.

It’s precisely this time of the week that the office stereo takes centre stage and arguments over its output rage harder than ever. These are crucial moments in the working week, and we need big tunes to fill them. Epic, loud, ballsy stuff of reckless abandon that sends you out onto the streets with a strut in your step and a hellbent desire to get Bacchanalian.

Before we go any further though, please turn up your stereo speakers and play this.

This is what we’re talking about: power chords, air drums, an insistence that, no, it’s not too early for whisky – the kind of high voltage nonsense that makes you want to throw your PC and all its red exclamation-marked emails through a partition wall, line up flaming sambucas and rack something out on the back of a Niceday diary. Ronnie V knows the score. He’s had the odd night out in his time.

Axl did too, and ‘Appetite…’’s done its time at this end of the week round these parts, while the new Rapture album and Foster The People have done the honours of late also.

So what’s the one track – or album – that gets you geared for a voyage into weekend oblivion?

Here’s some of the best suggestions so far from Twitter, Facebook, and below – as a Spotify playlist. Chuck this on loud and enjoy the last few hours of the week…