What’s The Greatest Christmas Track Ever?

Alright, Chris from the Evening Show on NME Radio here. Last week we set out on a quest to find the most depressing music ever. Thanks to everyone who posted up track suggestions. I think if I’d put every single track on there it would have been about three weeks long.

This week, we leave the self indulgent misery behind to celebrate the time of year that makes great artists lose all sense of taste and talent, yes, Christmas.

I love Christmas. Endless mulled wine, great company and lyrics like “Baby Jesus, born to rock.” Oh yes, thank you Eels.

Eels – ‘Everything’s Going To Be Cool This Christmas’

One of the greatest Christmas albums ever is ‘A Christmas Gift To You from Phil Spector’, a beautiful slab of Motown with sleigh bells. It’s the album everyone covers every single song off. ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’ by Darlene Love is my favourite – not quite so sure about the U2 or Mariah Carey versions though. I’ve just listened to it nine times in a row. It’s mint. Where’s my santa hat?

For me a great Christmas track has to be something you can sing along to, one that goes beyond snow, presents, and Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer. Malcolm Middleton had the right idea releasing ‘We’re All Going To Die’ in a bid for the Christmas number one. So what if it’s a bit miserable but at least it’s fast and fun. Low‘s Christmas album’s a bit glum, but in the snowy swirls of folk there are some of the best christmas tunes ever. Especially ‘Just Like Christmas’

So there we go, that’s my top three, feel free to add your suggestions below. I’ll grab some of them to play on Thursday night’s show and across next week too. The more indie, the more likely I’ll play them!