What’s The Greatest Song Intro Ever?

Alright, it’s Chris Martin here from the NME Radio Evening Show (Mon – Fri 7pm). I’ve been a busy boy recently, chatting to The Maccabees and announcing the NME Awards Shortlists last week and lining up an interview for this week with Japanese Voyeurs, probably the greatest pretenders to the Hole crown Britain has produced. But darker, if you can imagine that.

I played a track on the show the other night which never fails to reduce me to a quivering ball of barely contained fury and excitement before detonating and sending me bouncing off the studio walls. It’s possibly the greatest intro to any song ever. In fact I’ll be bold and say it DEFINITELY is. Have a listen:

It’s the sheer apocalyptic lupine growl of those opening three chords that does it. It got me thinking, “Can this be beaten?”, which was swiftly followed by “I know, I’ll ask the good people of the blogs”. Add your suggestions for Greatest Intro Ever below. Here’s another of my faves, The Clash’s ‘The Guns Of Brixton’. Paul Simonon gets right in with one of the darkest yet most infectious bass lines ever.

It’s so simple but insanely effective. Eventually, after a bit of creative sampling from Norman Cook, it got to number 1. In fact any bass-led Clash song’s pretty amazing, particularly ‘Magnificent Seven’. My final choice for best intro would be the delicately haunting guitars at the start of this:


The accompanying wail is gorgeous and it builds the way a proper classic should. So that’s three from me, who are you going for? Add your comments below and we’ll go through them on Thursday night’s show (Feb 4th).