What’s The Most Embarrassing Album You Own?

Embarrassing albums usually come in four forms: 1) Things you bought when you were a child, so excusable, 2) Things you bought when you were drunk (damn you one-click-purchase iTunes!), 3) Something you heard on holiday, which may have sounded acceptable wafting across a sticky Spanish nightclub floor at 3am but in the cold light of day does not 4) Anything by 3OH!3.

Mine would probably have to be Bananarama’s ‘Wow!’. Let me first say that I think they have some excellent singles (especially the early stuff) but this album was terrible. I should have realized by the fact they were a) hugging dancers covered in baby oil on the cover b) it was called ‘Wow!’ (note the ‘wacky’ exclamation mark).


It was the worst kind of late 80s, production line Stock Aitken and Waterman production and didn’t I know it. It was so bad that I went back to the Our Price where I’d bought it and asked for a refund.

I asked around the office what people’s most embarrassing albums were and here’s what they said:

Paul Stokes, Associate Editor
“I’ve got Billie Piper’s debut album,’ Honey To The B’. I must stress it was a gift but I kept it because ‘Honey To The B’ is a tune. The rest of it is a little bit cringe-worthy.”

Leonie Cooper, Writer:
“I was the proud seven year old owner of the soundtrack to primetime fight-fest Gladiators. Chock full of power ballads and hard rock anthems, it had the musclebound demigods of ITV – Jet, Wolf, Warrior and my personal favourite, Flame, – resplendent in pink and blue spandex on the cover. I could often be found headbanging to the likes of Meat Loaf, Foreigner and Bonnie Tyler on the school-run, but the cassette came to a tragic end when I left it on the seat in my mum’s car on a hot summer’s day and it melted. “

Laura Snapes, Assistant Reviews Editor
“One serendipitous afternoon, aged 12, I found a tenner in the street. Instead of doing what any self-respecting pre-teen would and going and buying a kilo of penny sweets, I went straight to Sainsbury’s (oh yes) to purchase Geri Halliwell’s second album, memorably titled ‘Scream If You Want To Go Faster’. Like most 12 year olds with a shelf-fresh pop album clasped stickily in hand, I thought I was SUPER COOL for owning it. Now I look back and remember how I asked my mum what the line “gimme some, gimme some sweet FA” meant, how dead behind the eyes the newly yoga fit (read: emaciated) Halliwell looked, and how her voice sounded like someone had autotuned a corn husk, and die a bit inside. I don’t believe in guilty pleasures, but I am a bit embarrassed to say that not only did I own this Halliwell opus, I owned all of the Spice Girls’ solo albums (save for Halliwell’s 2005 flop, ‘Passion’). Mock as you will…”


Laura Snapes, Assistant Reviews Editor


So what’s your most embarrassing album? Let us know.