What’s The Worst Album Cover Ever?

Have you seen our gallery of the Top 50 Worst Album Covers (as inspired by Arctic Monkeys and Lady Gaga) yet? It’s a cringeworthy countdown of everything from the ridiculous to the sublime via the downright deranged.

The Ridiculous:

The Sublime:

The Downright Deranged:
Jim O Rourke

I mean, who the feck thought using a kid’s drawing of a bald fat man-baby force feeding his penis to a toy rabbit was a good idea?

Anyway, as with any countdown of a finite number, there’s plenty of room for more ideas. Only today this montrosity landed on my desk, a CD case whose bizarre mix of voyeurism, roller skates, and glacial valleys says nothing about the music inside (as it turns out a not-bad collection of New York electro that features Tunde Adebimpe – get a free download at MP3s & Streams).

No Surrender

The severed legs kind of reminded me of those masters of guilty pleasure, Chromeo, whose aesthetic (like their music) confidently straddles the brilliant / awful fence with unabashed glee.


In fact, dance music has been responsible for a hefty share of history’s worst album covers. Take The Prodigy, whose once iconic sleeves (‘Music For The Jilted Generation”s futuristic Francis Bacon or the crab-in-hyperspeed of ‘The Fat Of The Land’) were followed by this career lowpoint, the garish pig / military hat WTF for ‘Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned’.

Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned

The problem, really, is that there’s so damn many. Finding a prog album without a terrible cover is harder than finding one in 4/4, while most classic rock LPs feature images so laughably bad they’re good.


Boned Up At The Crack

So help us out, what are your picks for the worst album cover ever?

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