What’s Your Alternative New Year’s Eve Playlist?

EDIT – We took some of your suggestions and made them into a Spotify playlist

New Year’s Eve, for me, is always an inevitable amateurish disaster. Generally they tend to consist of me losing everyone I know and consequently talking to strangers about their lack of job prospects throughout the countdown.

My resolution this year, although it is quite premature, is to listen to something other than Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown’ during the last moments of 2011, and that’s why I’ve picked my top five songs to alternatively see in the New Year.

1. Blur – ‘Charmless Man’
There are many antagonizing factors relating to New Year’s Eve. Perhaps the most irritating of all will be the people that you encounter on the night. Be they charmless men or elbowy women.

2. Finley Quaye & William Orbit – ‘Dice’
To recreate this well-known New Year’s eve scene from The O.C. you will need:
1x broody kid, preferably from Chino
1x oblivious socialite
1x sociopath in love with the oblivious socialite
1x set of stairs (feel free to scrap the stairs if you’re celebrating in a bungalow)
The aim: to get to the oblivious socialite in time for the countdown.


3. The Pixies – ‘Dancing The Manta Ray’
Questionable dance moves are a must on New Year’s Eve. Spontaneous ones are alright, but planned ones are way cooler, especially ones named after marine life.

4. Flight Of The Conchords – ‘Too Many Dicks (On The Dance Floor)’
If your not dancing the manta ray you might find yourself in the all too familiar set-up of wanting to “meet a hottie but there’s Adam, Steve and Marty”. New Year’s tip: to avoid celebrating New Year’s Eve the awkward school disco way, always find a place with a balanced girl to boy ratio.

5. Death Cab For Cutie – ‘The New Year’
And when the night is all over and done with let Gibbard tell it to you straight, “So this is the New Year and I don’t feel any different”.