What’s Your Favourite John Lennon Song And Why?

Lennon – he was a bit good wasn’t he? What with it being 30 years since his death – and shortly after what would have been his 70th birthday – we’ve been thinking a lot about the great man recently. Last week’s NME was a special tribute issue and we’ve been speaking to various bands about what they think he might be up to today.

We also just posted a gallery on the 20 most underrated John Lennon tracks, from his ode to convicted MC5 manager John Sinclair (‘John Sinclair’) to the Robert Browning-inspired ballad for Yoko ‘Grow Old With Me’. And we spoke to some musicians about their top tracks.

But how about you? Which John Lennon track do you keep helplessly on repeat? The one that repeats “fuck a pig” backwards (‘Mind Games’), or the one about cunnilingus (‘Going Down On Love’)? The beautiful ‘Oh My Love’ or the posthumous ‘Watching The Wheels’?

The former might be mine. Or perhaps ‘Mother’ for its sheer lyrical force and the fact it makes the ending to ‘Nowhere Boy’. Or ‘Happiness Is A Warm Gun’. Or maybe, if you discount McCartney’s contribution, ‘In My Life’. Of all his tracks, its syncopated shuffle and simple sentiment gets me the most nostalgic. Today at least.

Let us know what your favourite Lennon track is, and why.