When Bands Dress Up As Other Artists… With Mixed Success

With the 2015 instalment of charity extravaganza Children In Need taking place on November 13, this year’s hosts – including Radio 1 presenter and X Factor host Nick Grimshaw and former radio DJ Fearne Cotton – have dressed up as their childhood heroes to get people in the spirit. Grimshaw’s tamed his quiff, trawled through the racks of Pretty Green and emerged as a bizarrely decent Liam Gallagher lookalike. Fearne, meanwhile, has opted to emulate Blondie icon Debbie Harry.

They are, of course, not the only two celebrities to have dug into the dressing up box to recreate the iconic looks of some of the music world’s most recognisable stars. In their honour, here’s six musicians who’ve dressed up as their favourite acts…

Damon Albarn – Debbie Harry

In 1991, Damon Albarn got his pins out for a ‘Blur Does Blondie’ shoot with photographer Kevin Cummings, which saw the quartet recreating the New York band’s iconic ‘Parallel Lines’ cover image.

Here’s a photo of @blurofficial for this hot summer day – Happy Birthday Debbie @BlondieOfficial pic.twitter.com/amXfhHUV9V

— Kevin Cummins (@KCMANC) July 1, 2015

Adele – George Michael

Meanwhile, reclusive megastar Adele popped her head briefly back into the public eye to show off her George Michael impression. Dressed in leathers and stubble, the ‘look’ was in aid of her 27th birthday party celebration this May.

Derek Whibley – Avril Lavigne

Sum 41 singer Derek Whibley, meanwhile, took things a little closer to home when he dressed up as his ex-wife Avril Lavigne, accompanied by a mate dressed as her new flame at that time Chad Kroeger. Awkward.

Pearl Jam – Devo

At a 2009 Halloween show, Pearl Jam showed their playful sides by doing a cover of Devo smash ‘Whip It’, in full costume. Hats off – or, rather, on – to them.

Metallica – Elvis

Also getting into the Halloween spirit were Metallica. James Hetfield dressed up as The King himself, Elvis Presley, while Bob Rock chose, er… Spongebob Squarepants. Obviously.

Katy Perry – Freddie Mercury

Here’s Perry in, let’s not lie, a pretty budget Freddie Mercury costume. What’s that on your lip, K-Pez? Surely you’ve got about 20 assistants to sort that stick-on monstrosity out?!