When Jay-Z Met Ian Brown – Inside The New NME (30/09/09)

Inside the new issue, on sale from Wednesday 30 September, you’ll find one of the more bizarre head-to-head interviews in NME’s history: Jay-Z vs Ian Brown.

Find out what they had to say about politics, the Roses and Noel.

Plus: what rock and roll has taught Bernard Sumner

Wolfmother: do they still matter? Did they ever? And is frontman Andrew Stockdale a power-crazed egomaniac?

Why you need to hear Islet, the Welsh DIY no-wave phenomenone who shun the web.

Christ! John Homme’s been working with Biffy Clyro.

That new Editors album: is it a grand folly, or just a terrible misjudgement? We meet them to find out.

2009: the year dubstep broke.

The weird, scary world of Fever Ray.

Should you be arsed about the Mumford And Sons album? Our verdict: Yes! Moderately!