When Musicians Fall Over

Poor old Kanye. Barely a week goes by without him doing something monumentally stupid. I love the guy, but comparing himself to Hitler and pulling off this stunt within a week, he really doesn’t do himself any favours.

In honour of his stage dive, a quick look at some other mishaps over the years.

Turns out there’s several ways to do the onstage tumble. You can go gracefully, and almost imperceptibly, like Beyoncé during this subtle slip. Props for making it look almost planned, and not mentioning the fall at all (although she wasn’t so lucky in the second clip).

Or you can do a Robbie. During a cover of Lou Reed’s ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ (I know), he swaggers casually down the strut before launching into a jaunty jig that goes wrong. Tit-over-arse he then compounds the shame by banging on about it for ages.

For some reason the slip always looks more ridiculous when you’re wearing a swimsuit and attempting to go all bondagey. Rihanna can straddle a machinegun but can’t handle three steps it seems.


In fact, I think the more ridiculous the stage set up, the more entertaining the fall. “Fuck that hurt” Pink cries from the floor. I suspect it did, seeing as you went headfirst onto concrete with a load of steel circus equipment round your waist.

Katy Perry learns that cake is slippy.


Steve Tyler pirouettes his way into the hall of shame.

While Axl slides almost gracefully in time with the snare drum during a quiet bit from ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’.

Bret Michaels outdoes them all, though, by getting squashed by his own scenery, Spinal Tap-style.

Although classical music has contributed the odd on-stage calamity too.

Finally, I’ve got no idea who this guy is, but like Lady Gaga’s numerous mishaps, he’s learnt the hard way that dressing like an attention-seeking bellend can have ramifications. Although it seems to happen so often I wouldn’t be surprised it its a stage-managed trick from the show.


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