When Reality TV Stars Launch Pop Careers, Humanity Suffers

Reality TV star Alex Reid recently released his debut single, ‘Stardust’. And, rather predictably, it was fucking awful. While you look on in disbelief at the bizarre budget video offered by the Celebrity Big Brother winner, let NME guide you through some of the very worst reality-star-turned-singer singles.

Spencer Pratt (The Hills) – ‘I’m A Celebrity’
As terrible as Spencer Pratt is at rapping/singing/being-a-human, this is three minutes of a deluded moron prancing around a jungle singing complete nonsense about Twitter and his swag. It’s fucking hilarious. Sadly this didn’t become the theme song to the show…

Kim Kardashian – ‘Jam’
Who knew over-using autotune could distort the English language beyond recognition? Even if you can figure out what Kardashian is trying to sing – and I use sing in its loosest possible meaning – the beats, which sound like a four-year old created them, and the distinct lack of melody, should be enough force your brain to repress this song.

Paris Hilton – ‘Stars Are Blind’
Somehow this atrocity made the top ten in 17 countries. Either the world has gone mad or she’s spending her inheritance on bribes. No amount of writhing about on a beach can distract from the fact that Hilton should not be allowed near a recording studio.

Heidi Montag (The Hills) – ‘Higher’
After seeing her husband’s ‘success’ with ‘I’m A Celebrity’ (above) wife Heidi thought she’d have a go at a singing career. Quite possibly one of the worst songs ever made, Heidi proved with the amateur beach-stripper video that even sex can’t sell this crap. Not deterred by universally bad reviews, Montag is committed to making a second album. Idiot.

Peter Andre and Katie Price – ‘A Whole New World’
If you make a charity record and the songs are shite it’s a bit of a slap in the face to the charity. But Katie Price and Peter Andre decided to do it anyway. Their ‘generosity’ was completely overshadowed by one of the worst albums in the history of recorded sound.