Which Albums Would Make Your ‘Do Not Buy’ List?

As anyone who’s ever popped down to their local record shop in the vain hope of flogging the lousiest hunks of plastic from their music collection will know, trying to flog those dust-covered and never-played CDs and 12 inches can be nigh-on impossible. Which is why it’s no great surprise to see this pop up online earlier this week: it’s a ‘Do Not Buy’ list for staff in Chicago store Laurie’s Planet Of Sound, warning them not to be swayed into relieving customers of their naff goods.

Some of the persona-non-grata artists on the list make total sense: if you were unfortunate enough to buy the wares of Jessica Simpson or Phantom Planet, then you should really be forced to lug them round for evermore, like Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner weighed down by the albatross. But there’s also some rather bonkers generalizations, too, for the Chicago proprietors see no re-sale value in such wide-ranging categories as ‘Most 90s Bands’, ‘2nd Tier Hip-Hop’, Almost All Soundtracks” and “60s/70s Artist’s CDs from the 80s/90s/2000s”. That’s one way of separating the wheat from the chaff, perhaps – but it does seem to rule out great big bloody swathes of music, doesn’t it?

Anyway, enough about their list – we want to know yours. If you’ve ever worked in a record shop, what have you been given strict orders to avoid buying at all costs? And if you’re on the other side of the counter, what goods have you been unable to shift, no matter how long and hard you try? Or perhaps, as a consumer, you’ve just got a strict Must Not Buy list governing your purchasing decisions, to make sure you don’t buy another ropey LP just because “it only costs £1”. Either way, let us know below…