Which Is The Greatest Michael Jackson Song?

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It’s the question that’s been racing round the Glastonbury site – the third thing everyone is instantly asked during every backstage ‘stop-and-chat’, just after “You looking forward to The Boss?” and “How shit were East 17?”

And it’s this: What’s your favourite Michael Jackson song?


The answer to this question generally depends on your age. 30-somethings, and the more thoughtful kind of music fans, generally plump for ‘Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough’ – largely because its clean rhythmic lines and majestic funkiness are free of the taint of ’80s pomp that accompanies Jackson’s later, blockbuster hits.

Ask a child of the ’80s, however, and he or she will generally choose either ‘Man In The Mirror’ – that most overblown, yet curiously moving, of ballads – or ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’, a song whose sleek, onrushing groove has won fans in unexpected places. More than one metal fan has pointed out to me the rhythmic similarity between that track and the remorseless ‘power groove’ of Pantera’s ‘Walk’.


But there are so many deathlessly brilliant songs to choose from – which is why it’s the kind of conversation that keeps drunken Glastonbury-goers chattering late into the night.

So how about you? Which Michael Jackson song do you love the most?

Poll – vote for the greatest Michael Jackson track

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